iNVESTMENT, fINANCIAL, & rISK mANAGEMENT cONSULTING Services Your trusted partner every step of the way About US
Insurance Companies

Provides asset, liability, and capital solutions

Pension Plans

Provides asset, liability, and regulatory solutions


Provides asset, liability, and regulatory solutions

Gov't & Munis

Provides investment and budget solutions

Corporate & Family Business

Provides financial and treasury solutions

Distressed Situations

Provides a full spectrum of turnaround solutions and support.  

Our Business

Vaquita is a purely Canadian company, with operations from coast to coast, our consultants are just around the corner and ready to help.   


We bring to your business leading experts in finance, investments, operations and risk management to address your company’s questions and concerns.   


Our global network allows us to leverage expertise in 20+ countries, so whether you are a family business or a Fortune 500 company, we have you covered.

Our services

We offer a full range of financial, investment, and risk management consulting services


We provide best in class asset allocation and portfolio analysis support, helping companies identify risks or missed investment opportunities.  We can also provide education and independent research on the inclusion of  new asset classes and third party managers. 

Risk Management

Using our proprietary models, we explain and quantify risk to help your company find the optimal balance between risk and return. We can also advise on derivative hedging strategies. Whether it’s risk within your investment portfolio or enterprise wide, we have you covered.

Finance and Treasury

No corporate solution would be complete without treasury and liquidity management programs, including trade and foreign currency. We can review funding and operational costs, restructure contracts and help you find alternative sources of capital financing.

Experts in investments, risk and financial solutions

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