Risk Management

Using our proprietary models, we explain and quantify risk to help your company find the optimal balance between risk and return. We can also advise on derivative hedging strategies. Whether it’s risk within your investment portfolio or enterprise wide, we have you covered.

We help your company model, value, monitor, and mitigate the full spectrum of enterprise risk

Our Approach

Determine all risks, including unique and emerging risks your company may now or in the future be exposed to.  

Where possible calculate the financial costs of each risk. Also determine if your returns are in line with the risks you are assuming and setting appropriate risk limits

We will help design customized dashboards to monitor current and emerging risks.  Ensuring risk limited are not breached and appropriate warnings are put in place.  

We develop solutions to reduce risk.  These recommendations can include risk transfers,  sales, or capital infusions to allow for growth or increase business profitability

Customized Risk Management Services

Vaquita Consulting specializes in developing enterprise risk management systems


Risk management solutions are unique to your company and industry.  Many industries may have additional risk management oversight from accounting, regulatory, or rating agencies that also should be factored in. 


We offer specific risk management solutions for distressed companies and situations. 

  • Full spectrum of market, operational and enterprise risk management solutions
  • Programs for early identification of emerging risks
  • Customized risk dashboards
  • Development of risk compliance systems and monitoring tools
  • Asset liability management solutions
  • Derivative hedging programs
  • Development of risk mitigation solutions
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