Welcome to Vaquita Consulting

Welcome to Vaquita. We are a company that understands the struggle of the last year. That feeling of standing still while the entire world is rushing past you.

First, know you are not alone. Everyday, more and more companies struggle to find sufficient free cash flow to continue business operations.   As of January 2021, the Canadian Federation of Independent Business said 58,000 companies had already closed their doors and up to another 181,000 were at risk. 

That’s 20% of small businesses in Ontario and 22% in Alberta.   

Here at Vaquita, we want to help you, figure out how to recover from COVID-19 and return to profits.  We start with an initial discussion to gain a detailed understanding of your company, yours dreams and your current challenges.   Then, we use our proprietary enterprise risk system to review your company and find areas in need of improvement.  From there, we put you in touch with dedicated experts to focus on your company and the implementation your path to success.  

For example, we have helped numerous companies obtain loans and favorable financing terms, restructure mortgages, negotiate new insurance contracts, and explore the various government assistance programs available. We have redesigned cash flow management plans as well as investment plans to improve solvency and finance operations.

Projects have ranged in duration from a few weeks to over a year. We continue to work with you until you feel comfortable taking the next steps alone.

We believe for your company there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  The first step is making the call.